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Olisoft is a software development company specializing in Interactive Digital Signage & Queuing solutions.

Founded in 2005, Olisoft first entered the market as a software development company for Secure Image Document Management in Bank Cheque Clearing solutions. Early in 2007, taking advantage of the vast experience of its staff in multimedia it entered into the sector of interactive and dynamic digital signage developing two main software solutions:

Digital Signage including Digital Advertising, Public Information, and other vertical solutions covering several industries and
Centralized Queue Management extending to the field of customer relationship and feedback measurement.

Today, its digital signage software family called “Re-sign™ digital communication platform” is the evolution of professional digital signage, having many additional build in modules such as:

  1. Interactive CMS for product catalogs, path & way finders, questionnaires / polls, feedback forms, interactive apps, etc.
  2. Cinema, movie schedule and theater integrated management system
  3. Dynamic and interactive template based Menu Boards and product presentation catalogues
  4. Transportation information display system (Flights / Train / Bus) for arrivals departures etc
  5. Event Management System for the management and display of events in hotels / schools / meeting rooms etc.
  6. Centralized WiFi management system integrated to the digital signage
  7. Professional multi-channel Synchronized Streaming

All of the above modules run under the same platform and are all web based.

Olisoft has been established as a solution provider in challenging projects for large enterprises with unique requirements on integration and security in the banking/financial as well as in other demanding business sectors such as transportation, automated production, control rooms, etc. offering solutions for the most verticals while maintaining the flexibility of adaptation and customization which is our main advantage.

Today the company is focusing to extend its portfolio to the retail industry developing specialized modules and in parallel helping partners with the automation of the management, support and licensing procedures of its solutions, constantly investing in its global partners network.

Olisoft is based in Cyprus, with offices in Greece and Italy. Our solutions are available in many countries through a partner / reseller network.


We are dedicated to providing high quality, value-for-money products and outstanding support to our customers.

Our mission is at the heart of everything we do: Respond to business needs as a provider of turnkey solutions in a wide range of digital communication technology by helping our customer throughout the world to realize the full potential and get more value.

Our vision defines a pathway towards business leadership (to be among the leaders) among concrete technology sectors we are trading in. Our people’s expertise and partners’ adequacy, combined with the complete set of business solutions we are providing, play a seminal role in achieving our goals.

We are actively following the market trends with respect to business spirit and culture. These are the key elements that keep us focused on servicing our clients, providing integrated solutions that fully cover their business’ needs.


1. Turn-key Solutions: We deliver compelling, fully integrated solutions that essentially differentiate our positioning in the marketplace. Within this framework, we have established the appropriate partnerships with our distributors while investing in our resellers’ training and support. We can also provide products and support directly managed by us, whenever this is required.

2. 360o Coverage: We supply and support our resellers with information and know-how in order to be able to cover all requirements and deliver successful projects. Our 360o Coverage cycle includes Concept Creation & Design, Content Services, Digital Signage Software, Remote Administration, Software Customization & Integration, Cloud & Hosting Services, Technical Support and Software Maintenance.

3. Diversity: While responding to our clients’ requirements, we are effectively developing innovative, robust solutions as modules for our platform. This prompts the superior quality and comprehensiveness of our software, which, among certain industries (e.g Cinemas, Museums, Queuing), can be comparable even to vertical competitors.


Our solid reputation over the years has built trust in our brand, inspiring us to put forth valid, credible, and functional solutions for anyone interested. Olisoft has the methodologies, expertise, technology, and partnerships to enable success throughout every phase of your evolving business.

You can simply count on the following unique features, advantages and strengths:

Innovation Our products deliver cutting-edge technology; some of their features and applications are truly one of a kind.
Operability Our products are placed on the highest business level, after having been tested with state-of-the-art methods against stringent requirements concerning security and compatibility. We are also providing some of the most advanced remote administration and management technologies available.
Integration Olisoft is providing one of the most comprehensive software solutions available that could be fully tailored on specified customer needs. We pride ourselves on providing the only software in the market that delivers all operations embedded into a single platform.
Value Our fast growth allows us to offer our high-end solutions at a very competitive price.
Know-How More than 15 years of expertise in business automation, interactive multimedia, and expert knowledge on how to benefit from digital signage as a marketing tool.
Technical Support Our well trained network of technicians provide effective support, furthermore our tiger team is solving any issue that requires a deeply know how.
Flexibility Flexibility on both business and technical levels.
History Deliverability success rate is reaching 100% on every project.


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